This is my official first post on “from Shena with love” and I am terrified, petrified even!

Why you ask? I have no idea…just something to do, something to feel I guess. But I’ll bet I figure it out by the end of this post.

It’s not like I haven’t done this before.  I’ve actually done this twice before: once half-heartedly on my own and the other with a larger blogging community (Skirt! ) that dismantled their blogsite at the end of 2013, throwing me out of a safe cocoon and nest like a toddling baby bird.

Instead of learning how to fly, as it relates to my writing, I crashed to the ground with a resounding thud.  And I stayed there…

I wallowed in the dirt for a time, pondering my next move.  I made plans to focus on my personal blog and strengthen my wings on that, but to no avail.  I looked up one day and realized that a year had passed me by and the ground was becoming my new nest.  I had been industrious, it wasn’t a bad place, and it was comfortable but unacceptable….

What am I going to do with these wings?

If you are new to me and my writing style…this is it.  I write in short bursts of phrases meant to hold you in conversation for a time; even long after the post.  I write what I think.  I write what I feel.  I write what inspires me.  I write what angers me.  I write to encourage and to educate.  I love words and the commingling of them to create a unique vernacular that I call “voice.”

If you know me and/or have experienced any of my writing in the past then my voice is familiar to you.  Welcome back!

I guess what’s so scary about doing this again is sharing that voice with the world and risking those wings being clipped or even worse broken. But voices are meant to be heard and risks are meant to be taken.  See I told you I’d find the answer by the end of this post!  Every question you’ve ever asked yourself has an answer locked deep away in your heart…you just have to go searching for it.

My intentions for this blog is to share myself and my heart with you on various ponderings of mine to include race relations of our time, my love of travel and lifestyle,  and social /professional topics.  Stick around you just might get some free therapy! But like all my good intentions and plans, I sometimes go astray.  Who knows what you might find! 😉

So what am I going to do with these wings?  We’ll see….